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CAVE - Speaker Verification in Banking and Telecommunications

James D.
Hutter H.P.
Bimbot F.


Banks, amongst other businesses, will soon be under a great deal of pressure to improve the range and friendliness of their telephone-based services without compromising transaction security. Currently, automatic telephone services authenticate callers using a PIN-code and consequently do not offer a sufficient level of security for significant transactions; more sophisticated services, which depend on a human agent, demand lengthy authentication procedures. The technology of speaker verification has the potential to deliver fast and secure caller authentication for automated or agent-assisted telephone services. This paper gives an overview of the work of the CAVE consortium, a European-wide research project in speaker verification in which Ubilab is involved. Results obtained in experimental work so far compare favourably with the state of the art in speaker verification.

[Jam96a] James D., Hutter H.P. and Bimbot F.. CAVE - Speaker Verification in Banking and Telecommunications. In Mätzel K.-U., Frei H.P. (editors), Computer Science Research at Ubilab, Research Projects 1995/96; Proceedings of the Ubilab Conference '96, Universitätsverlag Konstanz, Konstanz, November 1996.

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