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Interoperability Issues in Time Series Management

Dreyer W.


Time series management is a very important task for financial institutions like banks. It serves as a basis for services like investment research or portfolio management. A time series management system (TSMS) has to provide specific data management functionality. An important aspect of a TSMS is interoperability between different time series bases and between time series bases and external data sources or client applications. These components are highly heterogeneous and autonomous, so that integration is difficult to realize. In this paper, we describe which problems this integration poses, and the direction our solution is heading into. The data exchange is influenced by several relevant factors: The source object, the target object, the data model, the data schema, the data location, the consistency requirements, the scheduling of the data exchange, the exchange facility, and the communication mechanism. The goal of our project is to set up data exchange automatically, based upon a declarative specification mechanism.

[Dre93] Dreyer W.. Interoperability Issues in Time Series Management. In Proc of the Workshop on Interoperability of Database Systems and Database Applications, pages 235-246, Fribourg, Switzerland, October 1993.

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