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Architecture Support for Global Business Objects: Requirements and Solutions

Bischofberger W.R.
Guttman M.
Riehle D.


The development of world-wide distributed object-oriented systems poses a considerable number of hard questions. In this paper, we summarize these questions as a set of requirements which we consider to be important for a software architecture to be successful, and we present our solution for such a software architecture. Our main conclusion is that such a software architecture must be reflective in all its key abstractions in order to allow analyzing and operationalizing its properties. A main stream banking project is on its way which conforms to this architecture. At Ubilab, we are focusing on the research aspects of the project like enabling smooth evolution and explicitly modeling and operationalizing the software architecture at run time.

[Bis96] Bischofberger W.R., Guttman M. and Riehle D.. Architecture Support for Global Business Objects: Requirements and Solutions. In Laura Vidal, Anthony Finkelstein, George Spanoudakis, Alexander L. Wolf (editors), ISAW-2 (2nd Int'l Software Architecture Workshop), Joint Proceedings of the SIGSOFT '96 Workshops, San Francisco, USA, October 1996, pages 143-146, ACM Press, 1996.

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