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Computer Supported Cooperative Software Engineering with Beyond Sniff

Bischofberger W.R.
Kofler T.
Mätzel K.-U.
Schäffer B.


Teamwork is a prerequisite for the development of large complex software systems. In conventional software engineering coordination of teamwork is achieved by exchanging formal documents and by providing support for keeping these documents consistent even while several developers are evolving them. In order to support teamwork more effectively it is important to move the focus beyond coordination towards cooperation. The goal of the Beyond-Sniff project is to provide cooperation support in three ways. First, by providing a terminological and conceptional foundation for the field of cooperative software engineering. Second, by developing tools for computer supported cooperative software engineering. Third, by developing a platform for control and data integration, a technical prerequisite for computer supported cooperative software engineering

[Bis95c] Bischofberger W.R., Kofler T., Mätzel K.-U. and Schäffer B.. Computer Supported Cooperative Software Engineering with Beyond Sniff. In Proc of the 7th Conf on Software Engineering Environments, Noorwijkerhout, Netherlands, April 1995, pages 135-143, 1995.

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