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Time Series, a Neglected Issue in Temporal Database Research?

Schmidt D.
Kotz Dittrich A.
Dreyer W.
Marti R.


With a few notable exceptions, it appears that the temporal database research community has largely neglected time series issues, believing that time series can be easily handled by temporal database management systems. In this paper, we take a different position. Time series management has special requirements concerning structural and functional aspects, time model, calendar system and query facilities. Temporal database management systems do not satisfy these requirements: mapping time series into snapshot and temporal relations is intricate, performance is problematic, functionality is only partly adequate, and the capability to organize time series into arbitrary groups is missing. A few commercial and research systems show interesting approaches, but more research is required to develop completely satisfying solutions.

[Sch95] Schmidt D., Kotz Dittrich A., Dreyer W. and Marti R.. Time Series, a Neglected Issue in Temporal Database Research?. In Proceedings of the Int. Workshop on Temporal Databases, pages 214-232, Zurich, Switzerland, September 1995.

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