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Describing and Composing Patterns Using Role Diagrams

Riehle D.


Design patterns are patterns of classes and objects that present a solution to a recurring design problem. They are usually described using class diagrams. Class diagrams, however, often intertwine the actual solution with efficient ways of implementing it. This paper uses role diagrams to describe and compose patterns. Role diagrams help designers focus on the collaborations and distribution of responsibilities between objects. Role diagrams are also a better starting point for composing patterns. This paper presents several examples and reports on first experiences with using role diagrams for composing patterns which have been promising

[Rie96d] Riehle D.. Describing and Composing Patterns Using Role Diagrams. In Mätzel K.-U., Frei H.P. (editors), Computer Science Research at Ubilab, Research Projects 1995/96; Proceedings of the Ubilab Conference '96, pages 137-152, Universitätsverlag Konstanz, Konstanz, Germany, 1996.

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