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Protecting the identity of doctors in drug prescription analysis

Matyas Jr. V.


This paper describes work undertaken to assure the privacy of doctors in a system that enables some other parties to analyse prescription information at a reasonably detailed level. Our task was to determine what "reasonably" should mean. This paper outlines risks to doctor privacy that we identified during field work and data analysis. We then describe the measures chosen to safeguard doctors' identity when they do not explicitly consent to its being known. Although we concentrate on the technical measures, some relevant organisational and contractual issues are also mentioned.

[Mat98] Matyas Jr. V.. Protecting the identity of doctors in drug prescription analysis. In R.J Anderson, M.F. Smith (editors), Healthcare Informatics Journal, Vol. 4, Nos. 3 & 4, pages 205-209, Sheffield Academic Press, www.shef.ac.uk/univ/projects/hij/, December 1998.

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