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Dynamic Component Adaptation

Mätzel K.-U.
Schnorf P.


Component-based systems are mostly composed out of existing artifacts. Missing pieces are newly developed. Interoperability between the existing artifacts is usually not given. The newly developed artifacts should be well reusable in future developments. The resulting systems should be easily evolvable. In component-based systems, a key to solve the problems and meet the requirements is by providing an infrastructure that makes it easy to bridge the gaps between components and to ensure their interoperability. In this paper, we discuss the issues of dynamic interface adaptation starting with a discussion about design issues along the three dimensions integration, reusability, and evolution. We elaborate on what it takes to perform dynamic interface adaptation and present design and implementation of a framework that covers these issues.

[Mat97] Mätzel K.-U. and Schnorf P.. Dynamic Component Adaptation. In Ubilab Technical Report, 97.6.1, Union Bank of Switzerland, Zürich, Switzerland, 1997.

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