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The CAVE Speaker Verification Project - Experiments on the YOHO and SESP Corpora

James D.
Hutter H.P.
Bimbot F.


Many businesses, such as banks, will soon be under pressure to improve the functionality and friendliness of their telephone-based services without compromising security. Current automatic services authenticate callers with a PIN-code and consequently are not secure enough to offer callers the chance to carry out significant transactions; more sophisticated services necessarily depend on a human agent and demand lengthy authentication procedures. The technology of speaker verification (SV) has the potential to deliver fast and secure caller authentication for automatic or operator-assisted telephone services. This paper gives an overview of the work of the CAVE consortium, a pan-European group researching the application of SV to automatic telephone-based banking and calling-card services. Results obtained in experimental work so far compare favourably with the state-of-the-art.

[Jam97] James D., Hutter H.P. and Bimbot F.. The CAVE Speaker Verification Project - Experiments on the YOHO and SESP Corpora. In to appear in 1st International Conference on Audio- and Video-Based Biometric Personal Authentication (AVBPA), Crans-Montana, Switzerland, March 1997.

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