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The CAVE-WP4 Generic Speaker Verification System

Jaboulet C.
Koolwaaij J.
Lindberg J.
Pierrot J-B.
Bimbot F.


This paper describes the generic speaker verification system that was developed within Work Package 4, which was responsible for Research and Technology improvements for Speaker Verification in the CAVE project. With this perspective, different SV algorithms were implemented in a common HMM framework and compared on several databases. This paper is concerned with the design of this generic system and not with the experiments we performed using the system. It shows the importance of having a common and generic package for cooperative research. We intend to make the Generic System available to the research community.

[Jab98] Jaboulet C., Koolwaaij J., Lindberg J., Pierrot J-B. and Bimbot F.. The CAVE-WP4 Generic Speaker Verification System. In Proc RLA2C, Speaker Recognition and its Commercial and Forensic Applications, pages 202-205, Avignon, France, April 1998.

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