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Telephone Voice Interfaces on the Cheap

Hornstein T.


Traditional interactive voice response applications are based on well-known menu-like structured dialogues using DTMF. This navigation technique is application-dependent and has limitations. It cannot be improved by simply switching from DTMF to voice input. Rather, we propose an application-independent navigation method called Zap & Zoom in combination with voice and key input. Users can Zap over a list of items (subjects) and Zoom into items of interest (content of subject). A set of application-independent commands was defined for this type of navigation and trained for voice input in three languages. Design recommendations have been set up to employ the Zap & Zoom navigation in telephone information systems and to achieve an open, easy-to-use and consistent voice interface. Two different information services based on the Zap & Zoom navigation were built.

[Hor94] Hornstein T.. Telephone Voice Interfaces on the Cheap. In Bischofberger W.R., Frei H.P. (editors), Computer Science Research at UBILAB, Strategy and Projects, Proceedings of the UBILAB '94 Conference, Zurich, pages 134-146, Universitätsverlag Konstanz, Konstanz, September 1994.

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