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An Efficient Electronic Payment System Protecting Privacy

Camenisch J.
Piveteau J.-M.
Stadler M.


Previously proposed anonymous electronic payment systems have the drawback that the bank has to maintain large databases, which is a handicap for the realization of such systems. In this paper, we present a practical anonymous payment system that significantly reduces the size of such databases. It uses the concept of anonymous accounts and offers anonymity as an add-on feature to existing EFTPOS systems.

[Cam94a] Camenisch J., Piveteau J.-M. and Stadler M.. An Efficient Electronic Payment System Protecting Privacy. In Gollmann D. (editors), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 875, Computer Security - ESORICS 94, LNCS 875, pages 207-215, Springer Verlag, 1994.

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