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Prototyping-Oriented Software Development - Concepts and Tools

Bischofberger W.R.
Pomberger G.


The book is intended for anyone who plans, designs and implements software products; for anyone who is involved with quality assurance; and hence for anyone who is interested in the software development process. More and more scientists and practitioners agree that the classical software life-cycle model and associated tools no longer suffice or are even unsuitable for handling problems that arise during software development. It is often assumed that prototyping can make a contribution to solving these problems. The book strives to identify concepts and tools that support the prototyping-oriented development of software products, especially:

  • Software development methodologies: Various software development paradigms are compared and their advantages and drawbacks are discussed.
  • A new prototyping-oriented software life-cycle model and application scenarios.
  • A broad overview of various tools that support prototyping, and examples of their use.
  • A proposal for the conception of an integrated software development environment that supports prototyping.

[Bis92b] Bischofberger W.R. and Pomberger G.. Prototyping-Oriented Software Development - Concepts and Tools., ISBN 3-540-55448-3, Springer-Verlag, 1992.

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