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Sniff - A Pragmatic Approach to a C++ Programming Environment

Bischofberger W.R.


Sniff is a C++ programming environment which runs on different UNIX workstations under OSF Motif, OpenWindows, and SunView. Sniff is an open environment providing browsing, cross-referencing, design visualization, documentation, and editing support. It delegates compilation and debugging to any C++ compiler and debugger of choice. Sniff has been in internal use at UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) since August 1991. Since then several developers are applying Sniff in writing serious software systems as well as in evolving Sniff.

In developing Sniff we took a pragmatic approach. We chose simple and efficient techniques in implementing Sniff's components and concentrated on combining these components into a seamless application. The aim of this paper is to describe Sniff's components and how they cooperate, to show the decisions which had to be taken, the trade-offs which have resulted, and to discuss our experience in applying Sniff.

[Bis92a] Bischofberger W.R.. Sniff - A Pragmatic Approach to a C++ Programming Environment. In Proc. USENIX C++ Conference, Portland, Oregon, August 1992, pages 67-82, 1992.

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